Life’s a bowl of salad

Here's to good healthy breakfast - salad with Asian Dressing

Here's to good healthy breakfast - salad with Asian Dressing

Life’s a bowl of salad, especially when you don’t enjoy eating salad and you are lost, not sure what to do with your life. You want to write but ‘fraid you can’t hack it. You are blocked, there’s no passion to write. Oh no, when you first left your last job, your aim was to live happily ever after, to give vent to your creativity and let a thousand ideas flow. And now it’s zilch.

You read and read – other people’s stuff, not yours and do nothing else.(Inner voice says: That’s fine) You can spend your whole life reading and not living. What is living? Does it mean to work at a freaking job or …be in a retreat?

Are you retreating from life, either way?

Why is it difficult to tear away from what the rest of the herd is doing and just be? Under pressure from my mom to work but I don’t want to succumb to that. I want to be free not to work. Yes, money’s running out but not yet, not yet minus. I see my mother’s point of view, she wants me to have a financial buffer, money in the bank and be like everybody else, but I want to listen to my inner voice.

Maybe I haven’t got the courage to write, hence this blog, for starter.

My salad dressing recipe, Asian :

4 tablespoon Yoghurt with fruit, 2 tablespoon classic coleslaw dressing(Kraft, ‘cos no preservative), drooling, dried flaky white preserved(lotsa preservatives) lime peel bits that makes salad tastes tolerable and Asian and a dash of honey or prune juice. Add nuts and cranberry bits(cut up finely, else too sickly sugary).


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