Days of Being Desperate

Henry Thoreau, Walden (1854):

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

How not to live days of quiet insanity? Confucius says,

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day of your life.

Well, if folks enjoy their work, then no problem, no angst, life’s perfect. However, for most people, it is rare to find your one and only love-work and sometimes the love affair ends.

You know the 7-year itch in relationship? I have you know that’s an itch at work in toil too. So job switching happens when the itch arrives, to a different profession even.
You may never ever find your calling. Maybe you are meant to wander in the bardo of job buffet.

So the discontentment wells up, sooner or later. Or by that later time, you are retired.

Seoul Boring - outta control

Seoul Boring - outta control

Actually any work is okay. It’s the attitude you bring to it. If you put a positive spin on what you do, regard it as service to humanity or because of love for your family relying on you to put rice on the table.

Is the solution then to change your mindset to love what you do, to tolerate your belabouring like an inconsequent little new mole? Is it really the solution?

How long do you have to lie to yourself? Till the day your body, a gauge of inner sadness, complains by getting sick? It has a way of showing its discontentment by having allergic reaction(let me break out), irritable bowel syndrome(let me out, let me out), gastritis(I can’t stomach this any longer) and the like.

If you continue to suppress your emotions, there may be a chronic illness in the horizon. Note that I am not saying that all sickness arise from dissatisfaction. However stress has been proven to be a factor in causing life-threatening diseases.

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