Starry Night

credit: stars-nasas-hubble-space-telescope
Took a walk last night. I looked up to drink in the stars and imbibed a cocktail of peace, happiness, contentment, all blended in a delicious glass of eternal now. “That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” – Henry Thoreau. Yeah, I am pretty loaded, hung up on a bunch of hot air many light years away.

Quite a lot of stars were hanging around, though not as bright as in Desaru’s night sky where they positively glitter and seem much closer to earth. However happy to have what I’ve got. I am not there, I am here.

Starry, starry night – first three words of ‘Vincent’ song. To us earthlings, they have always symbolise an unknown beyond. Some have been around for a long time -13 billion years.

The age of any life form throughout history, including mine, is an iota compared to the star’s. When I am gone, the stars still shine or don’t they? Guess it won’t matter after this form has disappeared.

But there again, Vietnamese Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh and many in the zen tradition expresses that “we, the stars and the earth are one.” What does it mean?

A Soto Zen teacher/actor uses the analogy of the ocean and the different waves to illustrate the point. We are the different waves on the ocean, coming forth in different forms, intensity and brevity and then returning to the ocean.

What ocean – of dna, atoms, energy? This ‘I’ have yet to realise the Truth.

I am a sceptic, X’s files’ ‘help me to believe’ describes me.

My Japanese roshi likens meditation as returning to one’s native country. Cool, that’s why I am still meditating after 3 decades and I haven’t reach there yet. I would like to know the Truth. I can handle the Truth even if it means there’s no Truth, only the daily living. Sometimes life can be boring, dull but sometimes it’s brilliant.

Buddha saw a ‘star’, some say it’s actually the planet Venus. Anyway, it’s a shiny body in the night sky that prompted his enlightenment. I eyeballed plenty of ‘em and never had such experience. Well, just me and the stars out there is good enough.

The Stars on earth, those celebrity of sorts out of reach, some folks that are out of reach and looked up at. Them I don’t fancy but I treasure those hanging up there and the stars in some lover’s eyes.

Sometimes, there’s a one-eyed black cat up there with the luminaries. I am referring to the crescent moon on a dark night.

Do chin up every now and then, does add a subliminal quality to your everyday life.


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